Abortion is Safe Healthcare

A new report produced by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) concludes that abortion is undeniably safe and effective.
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The report finds that all forms of abortion are safe and effective. Abortion has no impact on a woman’s future health and rarely involves serious complications. In fact, less than a fraction of one percent of medication abortion patients have experienced complications. Furthermore, the report explains that it is a violation of long established standards of informed consent to require providers to inform patients about risks that have been invalidated by scientific research.

Abortion can safely be performed in an office setting with a trained provider

The research finds that in most cases, abortion care doesn’t require special equipment or emergency arrangements. In fact, the majority of abortions are performed either in an abortion clinic (59 percent of procedures) or another medical clinic (36 percent of procedures), as opposed to a hospital. Moreover, the research explains that a trained physician, physician assistant, certified nurse-midwife and nurse practitioner has the skills and experience to perform most procedures.

Medically Unnecessary Regulations Hinder a Woman’s Ability to Access Quality Care

When reviewed against the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) six attributes of health care quality, the researchers find abortion care is safe and effective, but its level of quality is negatively impacted due to medically unnecessary abortion regulations.

The report defines medically unnecessary regulations as policies that “limit the number of available providers, misinform women of risks of the procedures they are considering, overrule women’s and clinician’s medical decision making or require medically unnecessary services and delays in care.”

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About the NASEM Report

The report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) is evidence-based, non-partisan, scientific research, which was developed by an independent panel of 13 experts in the field, is the first comprehensive look at abortion safety, access and care conducted in the last forty years. This research comes at a pivotal moment when politicians across the country seek to cut off access to abortion care. This new examination of the state of abortion care is critical given the shifts in practice and changes in availability of care.

Six private Foundations supported the development of the NASEM report, with no control over the structure, development, or conclusions of the report. The full report can be accessed directly from NASEM at www.nationalacademies.org/ReproductiveHealth.


This website was not created, developed or endorsed by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. This website is a complement to the report and materials released by NASEM, which are available at www.nationalacademies.org/ReproductiveHealth. For questions, email info@abortionissafe.com
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